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About Beatrice Truesdale

Beatrice is a Canadian American who grew up in Eastern Canada, spent her adult years in San Francisco and Marin County, and lives in Mill Valley.  Retired now, she ended her career in technology as Sr. Project Manager in an international law firm.  Throughout her life, travel has always been her passionate pursuit.  To fulfill dreams of a lifetime, at retirement she spent a year traveling solo around the world, and then lived and painted in Paris for two years.  Since her return to the Bay Area, she paints regularly and continues to indulge her travel lust.


Beatrice has been painting for more than 20 years.  Essentially self-taught, she also attends workshops and classes in various art styles (e.g., landscapes, figure drawing, portraiture).  She continues to explore all painting styles and media,  and currently works with oils.

Artist's Statement


The painting process is a source of great pleasure.  I love to lose myself in the endeavor to bring the beginning muddled blurs to a warm, lively and sometimes detailed finish.  There is joy in making one of those magical strokes or happy accidents that is just right and mustn't be changed.  The challenge to improve is always there, and each new work builds on some expertise learned in the last.


Color and shapes are important elements of my paintings, and my goal is to bring pleasure and pique the interest of the viewer.

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